Bamboo Floor Mat & Bamboo rug

Is the end of the rugs hairy and heavy that there’s no one to clean. The warmth of the bamboo, the more its anti-bacterial properties, and can make your home (and cleaning) thank one of these
alfombras de bambú.

What is a Bamboo rug or bamboo mat

it Is a carpet woven with bamboo fiber used in outdoor or indoor. Its use is very frequent for the unique qualities of the material:

Where it is placed

Its uses are very varied although these are the most common:

can you think of a use for a carpet of bamboo? Sure, because in the dining room or in almost any part of the house, you could put one.


Another advantage of bamboo is that it is very customizable. You’ll see brands that manufacture in different colors, or you can even paint them yourself.

Pink, black, blue… depending on the space and design you choose one color or the other. Although for that you’ll need to have a minimum knowledge of decoration (nothing that you will not bring a couple magazines or blogs)

take a lot of also those that combine a color which is bamboo and the other on the edge. Especially, if it is darker, a carpet of color natural bamboo with black edge is spectacular. Although we could say the same thing with blue, orange, white, or beige.


The most popular size in large models, are 120 x 180 and 140 x 200 cm.

Where to buy

The products that we select are from Amazon, chose your platform because of its service, safety and customer service is unbeatable, plus the price is usually very good.

in Addition, in the larger furniture stores, like Ikea, Aki, Conforama etc, tend to have. Even we have seen them in Aldi and Alcampo.

What we recommend is that you buy one of Aliexpress, we don’t have great reasons for saying it, but by default we do not trust them much. Our experiences tend not to be good.

How to maintain and how to clean the bamboo rugs

carpets normal, in general, are difficult to clean. The moment in which you realize that it has been far too long since the last time I washed it is very fucked up; how about the scrub? do the and put in the washing machine?

To this board that the carpets tend to stay with all the junk they can.

In many stories of students and young people do not have left more remedy than to finish pulling the carpet when there was no more shit.

With a carpet of bamboo that does not happen, and it is a wonder. Needless to make their way in it when it rubs the ground, because you can wash as the rest of the floor, how cool is that?

you’re Not going to have to change the nozzle and filter of the vacuum cleaner, a broom is sufficient.

And, as it is very light, you can shake him without having to do a course of prevention of risks before.

How to paint it

have you really searched how to paint a carpet of bamboo? You want to tunearla ehhh

Well how is it going to be painted:

If you only want it painted because the color of the bamboo is very off, follow these steps but with varnish, (we are very ready)