Biodegradable Poop Bags

a person who has and cares for a dog, or any pet, we can assume a little bit of environmental awareness. These
is bags for droppings canine are what you need for your dog, other than give you love and company, to make your needs without the bag where you can collect, contaminate.

Buying wholesale, that poops all day…

How to use the bags of excrement of pet biodegradable

According to the Green Guide from the FTC, which provides information to businesses on how to market ethically-friendly products with the environment, “
you a brand that makes a claim about the biodegradability of a product must have scientific evidence to competent and reliable of all the article is going to break down completely and return to nature… within a reasonably short time“.

In other words, manufacturers of bags of poop should be able to demonstrate that their product is biodegradable as promised. And that’s just not possible for many brands.

Unfortunately, many bags of shit that claim to be friendly to the earth or biodegradable do not decompose in a year, and some will never degrade.

But it is not necessarily the fault of the bag of poop. Even the best biodegradable plastics scientifically proven not to degrade in a landfill, where the compression and lack of oxygen lead to the “mummification” of the litter. To get the best results from the bags of poop friendly with the earth, you have to get rid of them properly.

Due to the controversy over the labeling, and the evolution of the laws and regulations in each state, some companies of bags for poop have changed the language on their labels. For example, Poop Bags. com no longer includes the term “biodegradable” on their packaging, despite the fact that it has been proved that their bags of poop vegetable decay with success in commercial installations for composting and in a natural environment.

I Know what you’re thinking: isn’t there only one way to use a bag of poop? It is not the way that you use it that matters, but how you throw it. It takes a little more leg work to maximize the ease of use of the bag of poop. In the first place, here are some things you must not do to get rid of the bags of excrement. Used a recycle compost waste for dogs. If there are no options in your area you can make your own at home or in the garden. While the composting of waste for pets should never be used on edible plants, can be a great fertilizer for gardens decorative!

2.Depending on where you live, you can throw dog poop in garbage bags, water-soluble. Just be sure to check with their guidelines to municipal sewer, and never throw pet waste into a septic tank.

3.bury it This option is good if you live in a rural area with space outside the house. The waste should be buried at least 10 centimeters under the ground away from vegetable gardens and water sources.

4.carry it to a composting plant industrial that accept pet waste. Or hire a company for disposal of waste that do the dirty work for you.

of course, you can also forgo the bag altogether. Use a spoon or a manual blade to transfer the canine waste soil to a compost bin, toilet or hole in the ground can be the most respectful with the environment. But let’s be realistic: for those who live and work in densely populated areas, the bag of poop is the way to go. We just need to use them correctly.